The Cognitive Behavioral Experience. Thoughts. Feelings. Behaviors.

Life has many ups and downs. You may have difficulty coping with the stress of daily life. As a result, you may be hindered by excessive emotions such as anxiety, self-doubt, sadness, fear, hopelessness, uncertainty, or anger. These negative emotions can be painful and give rise to unwanted thoughts, emotional instability, and unhelpful behaviors, which interfere in your satisfaction of life. Whether you suffer from procrastination, obsession or compulsion, fear or phobia, problematic relationships or communication skills, depression or anxiety, Midwest Anxiety, LLC, can help you make the necessary changes to think, feel, and act differently.

Midwest Anxiety, LLC is a community based treatment program for anxiety disorders and more generalized problems involving excessive worry, anxiety, and stress reactions. Midwest Anxiety, LLC employs an interactive, action-oriented Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) approach integrating features of behavioral modification into cognitive restructuring. We focus on developing life skills and achieving personal goals by providing an encouraging environment and drawing on a person’s strengths.

Unlike the traditional office-based psychotherapy setting, we work with people in-vivo or in “real life” situations in their natural environments (home, school, sporting events, etc). The goal of our "hands on" approach is to identify the environmental variables and learned responses that are maintaining dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We believe that emotional problems are learned responses to the environment and can be unlearned. Understanding a person’s “operating system” helps us implement step-by-step Cognitive Behavioral strategies to modify maladaptive patterns as they arise in “real life” situations.

Rather than asking why questions, we focus on the how, when, where, and what questions to improve self-control by expanding skills and abilities. With proper treatment, the difficulties of your life may become more manageable, resulting in new adaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In doing so, self-esteem, happiness, and the quality of life increases.

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